Dr. Mike has intrigued and motivated audiences in the U.S., Canada and Europe, and has performed at events/conventions with celebrities such as Darren Hardy - Owner of Success Magazine -, Monte Taylor - Author of "Objections Handled", and Jim Brogan - Former NBA player and Peak Performance Author/Trainer.

Dr. Mike is featured in "Motivational Speakers America" alongside Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Jay Conrad Levinson (The Father of Guerrilla Marketing) and many other Top Keynote Speakers.


Known as the “Houdini of Health”, Dr. Mike is regarded as a pioneer in the field of health, wellness, nutrition and peak performance.

Dr. Mike’s credentials in his field are equaled by few others and his revolutionary book “Health 4 Life – User Manual” has become the ultimate guide for many in their quest to regain control of their health and perform at maximum potential.



Dr. Mike Van Thielen, PHD. HOLISTIC NUTRITION - WELLNESS EXPERT – AUTHOR – KEYNOTE & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, has been involved in optimal health practices, sports performance, nutrition and supplementation for nearly 3 decades.

As a top swimmer in his country of origin, Belgium, he gained interest in optimizing health and athletic performance. Dr. Van Thielen graduated from the University of Brussels (Belgium) in '93 as a Bachelor in Physical Education and in ’95 as a Master in Physical Therapy. He served as the Assistant Coach and Physical Therapist for Belgian Olympic Swimmers in preparation for the Olympic Games in Atlanta ('96).

Dr. Van Thielen moved to Florida in ’97, and after managing several pain management clinics, he pursued his Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and his Bachelor of Science in Professional Health Studies from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Van Thielen is a licensed Physical Therapist, a licensed Acupuncture Physician and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, with certifications in Injection Therapy, Homeopathy & Homotoxicology, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Non-Invasive Cosmetic procedures. He also has a PhD. in Holistic Nutrition from the College of Natural Health.

Dr. Mike owned several anti-aging clinics in central and NE Florida and developed a successful system to create customer loyalty that boosted new customer referrals and resulted in retaining over 90% of existing customers.

In 2008, he founded a company that certified health care professionals in health and wellness programs, sensible weight loss and natural non-invasive cosmetic procedures and trained over 1000 professionals in just a few years. Dr. Mike sold this business and has since dedicated himself to motivational speaking and creating health awareness.

Dr. Van Thielen currently is a sought-after keynote and motivational speaker and continues to be on the cutting-edge of the latest information and emerging technology in his field and is without doubt a charismatic, fun, passionate instructor and speaker, enriching the lives of everyone in the audience. 


Dr. Mike Van thielen - bio & credentials